Being Ready is a Lie

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Seriously don't wait to be ready, pull the trigger.

Ready is a Lie.

Ouch. I’m fairly certain my toes were just stepped on. Holy crap! So much truth in one little statement.

Ready is a Lie.

There is no ready, you can prepare and plan an alternative. You are never ready. Writing is no different, in the author world you hear that phrase thrown around so much.

“My book is almost ready.”
“I’m almost ready to publish.”
“My story is almost ready in my head.”
“A few more details, and that project is ready to pull the trigger.”

The problem with waiting to be “Ready” is in the waiting, giant things tend to fill that space. Ever notice how you say “I’m almost ready” or something along those lines and BAM! Life piles on and you are now rushing here or there.

That isn’t life, it’s your mindset. It’s you unconsciously letting life get in the way. I’m in no way saying I’m perfect. Fuck no and far from it. I do that all the time, wanting things and everything surrounding it to be perfect.

I’ll be transparent and honest here. I had a giveaway in March and because of my perfectionism and making sure everything is ready I forgot about 5 prizes that I needed to send and those babies are currently on my dryer.

Yep that is what happens when you want things to be ready, shit gets put to the side and forgotten.

I am happy to say those lovely packages are being mailed out this week but it is still the same. Had I pulled the trigger and mailed what I originally wanted to send instead of adding to them to make it “PERFECT” they would have been out months ago.

Take my advice, don’t wait to be ready, just pull the trigger and let’s go!

If you are one of those amazing people waiting for your box please know it is now on the way and you will be getting lots of LOVE from me soon.


Something I’ve stressed over being perfect that wasn’t. My sneak peak of Trusting You. I agonized over this being “ready” then I stressed over my friends and writer buddies reading it. You know what? It was nothing. And now it’s out there. Wanna check it out? Sign up to get the first 2 Chapters.