2022 The Year to Breakthrough

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Can you believe 2022 is here? 

This is the year to breakthrough…I can feel it. 

2021 was insane. 

I dove into a new career opportunity back in December 2020 and by January 2021 I was full deep in this new partnership. You might be thinking, wait a career, you’re a writer. And I am but I am also a graphic designer and social media manager. Which suits perfectly because I don’t ever have to hire out for designs, unless I want to 😉

Flash forward a year and life is extremely different for me and my family. My husband has a new job as well, something he is actually enjoying and my little started school! Like Father Time slow down, how is my baby in preK! I know you mamas out there feel me.

Back to writing, I am in the final rounds of edits for Trusting You. Talk about a journey, editing took me longer than writing the book. A little peek inside writing for you…Line edits are brutal. They take forever and require lots of patience and decisions.

Do I cut this, do I leave that, do I change this to be more of that. It can really boggle your brain. To be honest it did boggle my brain and left me overwhelmed and spent. So much so that I took the month of November off of Trusting You because I needed some time.

So what did I do? I wrote another book, almost. I am about five chapters away from finishing Trusting Me, the next book in the Trusting Series. I also got real with myself and made a plan.

I have a plan for publishing in 2022!

  • 2 books and 3 if I can squeak it out.
  • A new community for my readers.
  • A few special secret projects I can’t go into just yet.

2022 is my year. The year I become a published author. The year I put me and my business and dreams first. I am putting a plan in place to be consistent and show up for all of you just as I promise!

This is my promise to you, my commitment to showing up, sharing my stories and worlds with you and building a community of fellow book lovers and friends.

I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve found…Internet friends are the best friends 😉

So if you’re like me and love to set goals I would love to hear from you. What are your 2022 goals, what’s something you’re working on achieving this year?

I’d love to hear from you!